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About Hunters Cheerleading

Originally founded in 2010 our proud #HuntersFamily approach encourages confident within our athletes with a sense of belonging and comfort no matter what your ability.


We pride ourselves in teaching solid technique and strong fundamentals in all areas of cheerleading but most importantly, the lessons our athletes will learn are priceless life skills that encourage COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, SPORTSMANSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT for themselves and others, all taught in a  safe and supportive environment.


As we enter into our 8th competitive season, we are excited and honoured to continue working with the athletes helping to develop them physically, mentally, emotionally and morally through cheerleading.


It is our continued goal at Hunters Cheerleading to encourage all athletes to train to their fullest potential and to provide as many opportunities as possible. We hope that within our programme they feel welcomed, comfortable and develop lasting friendships, self confidence and a strong sense on #HuntersFamily pride.




Hunters Cheerleading In Schools Liverpool Free Session

Cheerleading In Schools

Cheerleading is a sport which not only looks to assist schools and the government with their aim to help children and young adults meet their recommended activity levels, it also has the ability to engage children      who may previously have never expressed an interest in sports.


The different elements of cheerleading mean that most pupils will also take one to be their preference and look to pursue this further at after school clubs and to a higher level, again increasing their weekly activity levels.


Hunters Cheerleading offer a free introductory session to any local school, which may be used to aid the current curriculum or just for fun. For more infomation please contact


Coach Alicia

All of our coaches are fully qualified, insured and hold valid DBS checks and safeguarding certificates. We ensure that all of our coaches attend regular clinics, conferences and courses to keep up to date with the sporting and cheerleading community, including cheerleading trends, NGB progress and other continual professional development.

Hello and welcome to Hunters!


I opened Hunters in 2010 to share my absolute passion for the sport with our local community. We were the very first team to open up in the surrounding area and are proud to boast regional, national and international titles! But more than anything, I'm proud of the life-long friendships that people have developed along the way!


If you would like to be a part of our journey, do please contact us and come along :)

Head Coach - Alicia