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We at Hunters feel passionately about the positive impact of cheerleading to school and nursery age children and as such, offer one free session to every Bolton school and Nursery each year. 

If you would like to book a session with Hunters (either you can come to us, or us to you) please contact info@hunterscheerleading.com and we will endeavour to find a booking slot for you.


Cheerleading is a sport which not only looks to assist schools and the government with their aim to help children and young adults meet their recommended activity levels, it also has the ability to engage children who may previously have never expressed an interest in sports.


The different elements of cheerleading mean that most pupils will also take one to be their preference and look to pursue this further at after school clubs and to a higher level, again increasing their weekly activity levels.


By giving the opportunity for our community's children and young people to learn many life skills (communication, leadership, discipline, teamwork, reliability) throughout cheerleading allows a chance to develop their training and qualifications which directly impacts on further/higher education opportunities, improved job prospects and future employment. 


Hunters Cheerleading offer a free introductory session to any local school, which may be used to aid the current curriculum or just for fun.


For more infomation please contact info@hunterscheerleading.com.


We understand that fitting in enough adult directed physical education into your already very busy schedules can be difficult, so we have developed a programme that can hopefully help you and your nursery provisions.


Our tumbling classes promote increased motor skills which in turn help maintain a healthy lifestyle, strong bones and muscles along with building self confidence, communication and social skills, all whilst having fun!


During a 45 minute lesson your children will engage in a physical warm up, followed by floor based gymnastics foundations and technique taught by qualified, insured and DBS clear coaches from only £3.75 per lesson.


Our classes can be tailored to your nursery needs and are booked in 10 weeks slots for 12 children at a time that is convenient for you.


If you would like more information about our tumbling courses please email Alicia on info@hunterscheerleading.com and we can discuss how we can work with your nursery provision.

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